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Agency services shall mean such services as may from time to time be required in respect of the vessel and shall include, without limitation, the following services :

  • Establishment PDA covering port dues and all services fees
  • Settling port disbursement on our principal's behalf after having closely checked all vouchers and invoices
  • Protecting agent
  • Interface between the captain during the call and all concerned parties (port authorities, shippers, receivers, stevedores, agents…)
  • Keeping our principals duly informed before and during vessels calls with reliable and rapid information
  • Closely following operations from arrival to departure
  • Supervision of loading / discharging process
  • Issuing of documents, Bills of Lading, cargo manifests and other similar documents to shippers in the form prescribed by the Principal and under his instructions,
  • To arrange for the delivery of cargo in accordance with the Bills of Lading issued by, or on behalf, of the Principal
  • Forwarding and delivery of spare parts
  • Spares clearance and delivery
  • Prompt submission of information to port authorities and all other involved parties;
  • Timely reservation of available berths
  • Update line up according to shipper’s/receiver’s schedule
  • Providing performance of arrival and departure formalities
  • Assisting crew in negotiations with the port administration, stevedoring companies and other suppliers of port services
  • Assistance in legal proceedings on behalf of ship’s owners or her captain within arbitral or judicial authorities to ensure efficient protection of the principal
  • Expertise (damage, cargo contamination…)
  • Representation of the principal’s interests when solving disputes and performance of other tasks requested by the ship owner in connection with the vessel’s stay in the port;
  • Crew welfare, mail
  • Inward & outward clearance
  • Follow-up operations of loading/unloading
  • Daily connection with owners, operators, concerned customers
  • Placement of orders for bunkering supplies
  • Repair work on board and supervision
  • Coordination of class intendances
  • Delivery of crew mail, courier packages
  • Fresh water supply
  • Provisions and stores supplies, repairs,
  • Spare parts, charts & publications
  • Crew change assistance
  • Customs and immigration formalities
  • Shore pass arrangements
  • Health service assistance (renewal of certificates…)
  • Recovery lost luggage at the Airport
  • Accommodation of crew members in hotels
  • Medical care and hospitalization (clinic, doctor, dentist…)
  • Regularly updated medical reports
  • Medical facilities and repatriation
  • Watchman services
  • Removal garbage 
  • Desloping
  • On hire / off hire Bunkers survey
  • Draft survey (initial, control and final)
  • Sailing holds
  • Serving ships at anchorage

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